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Special products

Compression bandages

The Juzo SoftCompress can significantly increase the success of decongestive therapy. In comparison to widely used synthetic materials, Juzo SoftCompress products consist of a cotton surface with a high-grade foam core. The vertical seams and resulting foam channels serve to create a unique surface structure. The simple to use Juzo SoftCompress bandaging aids and supplementary products support you in securing the success of your therapy in the long term.

Juzo SoftCompress bandaging aids can be worn under short-stretch bandages or in combination with ACS light.

Juzo ACS

Efficient and effective adjustable compression systems

Art. J701LI / J702LI / J703LI / J704LI / J705LI / J706LI 

Juzo SoftCompress BandageAid

for the arm and leg in two set sizes

Art. 6811 / 6810 GR / 6810 KL

Juzo SoftCompress LymphAid

for the arm and leg in two set sizes

Art. 6801 / 6800 GR / 6800 KL

Juzo SoftCompress Breast Pad

in three sizes and custom-made

Art. 6837

Juzo SoftCompress Pad

for the bend of the knee joint in 13 x 17 cm or the bend of the elbow joint in 10 x 13 cm and custom-made

Art. 6845 / 6842

Juzo SoftCompress Genital Pad

for women and men in three sizes and custom-made

Art. 6839 / 6840

Juzo SoftCompress Hand Pad

in 8.5 x 24 cm and custom-made

Art. 6844

Juzo SoftCompress Malleo Pads

in 6.5 x 9 cm, packed in pairs, and custom-made

Art. 6843

Juzo SoftCompress Bandage Lower Leg and Thigh

in uni size with two compression rolls, or custom-made

Art. 6820 / 6821

Juzo SoftCompress Bandaging aid lower leg

in uni size, five standard sizes, or custom-made

Art. 6830 / 6831

Juzo SoftCompress Bandaging aid arm

in uni size, six standard sizes, or custom-made

Art. 6822 / 6823