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6th Lymph Clinic Day Wolfsberg

Surgical treatment options of lymphoedema

23.04.2021 - 24.04.2021 - Wolfsberg, Austria

Simultaneous translation into: German and English

Dear Sir or Madam, 
Dear Colleagues, 

I am looking forward to welcoming you to the 6th Lymph Clinic Day in Wolfsberg. 

This year, the conference will take place in the Wolfsberg KUSS (KUlturStadtSäle), about 10 minutes' walk from the Lymph Clinic. As part of this series of events, our aim is to discuss various topics relevant to the treatment of patients suffering from lymphoedema. 

Today we are discussing the topic of the “Possibilities for surgical treatment of lymphoedema,” focussing on patient selection and long-term results. We hope to provide you with useful information and suggestions for everyday practice.

Due to the international participants and speakers, English / German simultaneous interpretation will be offered. 

We have scheduled the event for Friday evening and Saturday morning only, to avoid putting a strain on your limited time. There will, however, be enough time for personal networking and exchanging of experiences. 

I look forward to all of the interesting presentations and animated discussions.

Dr. Christian Ure

Prim. Dr. Christian Ure 
Conference Chair

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KUSS Kongress & Eventcenter
Wolfsberger Stadtwerke GmbH
St. Thomaser Straße 2
9400 Wolfsberg, Austria

Conference chair

  • Prim. Dr. Christian Ure

Scientific manager

  • em. Prim. Dr. Walter Döller

Congress coordinator

  • Prim. Dr. Gert Apich



LKH-Wolfsberg, KABEG
Paul Hackhoferstraße 9
9400 Wolfsberg, Austria

in collaboration with
Juzo Academy
Julius Zorn GmbH
Juliusplatz 1
86551 Aichach, Germany

Conference office

Contact address Lymph Clinic
Ms. Silvia Bojer
Tel. +43 (0)4352 533 76903
Fax +43 (0)4352 533 76909
E-Mail info@lymphklinik.at


23th April 2021
5 p.m. to 8 p.m.: Lectures
From 8 p.m.: Come together with dinner

24th April 2021
9 a.m. to 1 p.m: Lectures

Come together

KUSS Kongress & Eventcenter
Wolfsberger Stadtwerke GmbH
St. Thomaser Straße 2
9400 Wolfsberg, Austria

Please indicate whether or not you would like to attend when registering for the symposium.

Registration fee

  • Registration until 31.12.2020: 49,00 €
  • Registration from 01.01.2021: 69,00 €

Please transfer the registration fee in advance to the following account:

Bank details: Austrian Anadi Bank
Receiver: Landeskrankenhaus Wolfsberg
IBAN: AT87 5200 0000 0134 0034
Code: name of the attendee,
6th Lymph Clinic Day


  • DFP Training of ÖÄK



Congress language

  • German with simultaneous interpreting to English


Programme of the 6th Lymph Clinic Day Wolfsberg

Due to the postponement of the event, the program is currently being adapted again. Please be patient until we can provide you with the new final program for 2021.

Please do not make any video recording and / or take photographs during the lectures. Thank you.

Arrival and parking


Arrival via A2 from Vienna/Graz:

Take the exit Wolfsberg Nord to B70 (Grazer Straße), turn right towards 
the city centre, continue to the junction at St. Michaeler Straße, turn right, 
continue approx. 200 metres on St. Thomaser Straße (KUSS).


Arrival via A2 from Klagenfurt:

Take the exit Wolfsberg Süd to B70 (Klagenfurter Straße), turn left towards 
the city centre until Spanheimer Straße, continue to the junction at St. Michaeler Straße, turn left, continue approx. 200 metres on St. Thomaser 
Straße (KUSS).



There are more than 400 parking spaces available in the direct vicinity.


Programme for the 6th Lymph Clinic Day Wolfsberg

Due to the postponement of the event, the program is currently being adapted again. Please be patient until we can provide you with the new final program for 2021.

Friday, 23th April 2021

Registration and reception 

Practical demonstrations

17:00Opening and greeting

Prim. Dr. Christian Ure, em. Prim. Dr. Walter Döller, 

Prim. Dr. Gert Apich, Wolfsberg

17:30Lymph node surgery – patient selection in relation to the stage of lymphoedemaProf. Dr. Dr. Rüdiger G. H. Baumeister, Munich
18:00Intraoperative fluorescence angiography in lymph node surgery, a long-term study using 3D volumetryPriv. Doz. Dr. Christian Taeger, Regensburg
18:30Patient selection for supermicrosurgery procedures and long-term dataDr. med. Johannes Steinbacher, Vienna
19:00Perioperative treatment in case of surgical proceduresDott. Alberto Onorato , MD, PhD, Udine
19:30From Ultrasonography-assisted LVA to Lymphatic System Transfer: Our Surgical Armamentarium for Lymphedema TreatmentHidehiko Yoshimatsu, MD, Tokyo
20:00Summary and discussion  
afterwardsCome together 
Saturday, 24th April 2021
08:30Registration and reception 
Practical demonstrations
09:00Synopsis of the different procedures in lymph node surgeryDr. med. Julia Roka-Palkovits, Vienna
09:30Minimally invasive lymph node surgery procedures: selection and resultsPriv. Doz. Dr. med. Gunther Felmerer, Göttingen
10:00Strategy in lymphoedema treatment, lymphnode transfer – indications and combining with other procedures, selection of candidatesCorinne Becker, MD, Paris
10:30Coffee break 
Practical demonstrations
Chairmen: Jean-Paul Belgrado, PhD, Brussels 
Prim. Dr. Christian Ure, Wolfsberg
11:00Lymphological liposculpture in the case of secondary lymphoedema after breast cancer and gynaecological tumours. Results after up to 15 yearsProf. Hon. Dr. med. Manuel E. Cornely, Düsseldorf
11:20Project studying the combination of conservative and surgical treatment of lymph nodesDr. med. Peter Mallinger, Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
11:40Lipofilling of the axilla in the treatment of breast cancer related lymphoedema, Outcome-DataLiesbeth Vandermeeren, MD, Brussels
12:00Lymphoedema-patient selection for different surgical techniques in Italy, long-term resultsDott. Alessandro Busetto, MD, Venice
12:20ICG-guided decisions in conservative and surgical treatment of Lymphoedema – what`s new?Jean-Paul Belgrado, PhD, Brussels
12:45Summary and discussion 
13:00End of the conference 
Midday snack
Option afterwards: visit to the Lymph Clinic 


Due to the postponement of the event, there may still be changes in the program and the list of speakers. Please be patient until we can provide you with the final information for 2021.

Corinne Becker, MD

Service de Chirurgie Thoraciques Générale, 
Oncologique et Transplantations Pulmonaires 
Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou 
Paris, France

Dott. Alessandro Busetto, MD

Dirigente Medico, Referente di attività di Chirurgia Linfatica, UOC Chirurgia Vascolare 
Ospedale dell'Angelo 
Azienda Ulss n.3 Serenissima 
Venice, Italy

Prof. Hon. Dr. med. Manuel E. Cornely

Specialist for Dermatology and Venereology, Dr. Cornely Lymphology Medical Treatment Centre Düsseldorf, Germany

Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Gunther Felmerer

Senior Physician 
Specialist for plastic and cosmetic surgery 
Clinic for Accident Surgery, Orthopaedics 
and Plastic Surgery 
University Medical Centre Göttingen 
Göttingen, Germany

Dr. med. Peter Mallinger

Senior Physician 
Department of Plastic, Cosmetic and 
Reconstructive Surgery 
Klagenfurt am Wörthersee Clinic 
Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria

Dott. Alberto Onorato, MD, PhD

Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 
Linfamed Srl 
Udine, Italy

Dr. med. Julia Roka-Palkovits

Consultant Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 
Medical University of Vienna 
Vienna, Austria

Dr. med. Johannes Steinbacher

Plastic and reconstructive surgery 
Department of Surgery 
Göttlicher Heiland Hospital 
Vienna, Austria

Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Christian Taeger

Managing Senior Physician 
Specialist for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, 
Hand Surgeon 
Dpt. of Plastic-, Hand- and Reconstructive Surgery 
University Hospital Regensburg 
Regensburg, Germany

Liesbeth Vandermeeren, MD

Plastic Surgeon 
University Medical Center Sint Pieter 
Brussels, Belgium

Hidehiko Yoshimatsu, MD

Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 
Cancer Institute Hospital of Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research 
Tokyo, Japan

Impressions from the 5th Lymph Clinic Day in Wolfsberg

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23.04.2021 - 24.04.2021 - Wolfsberg, Austria



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