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11th Munich Lymphology Symposium

Lymphology meets scar therapy

10.07.2021 - Munich, Germany

Dear colleagues and friends of lymphology, 

The impact of the corona virus pandemic on our professional, social and private lives is omnipresent. It does not shy away from in-service training courses either which is why our Lymphology Symposium, planned for the middle of 2020, needed to be postponed to 2021.

Lymphology is a subject with many peripheral areas. It demands expertise from different medical disciplines. That is why medical experts as well as therapists and care specialists from these subject areas are always integrated in our training courses so that you can be up-to-date with the latest treatment options for your patients.

This year, we want to examine the aspects of soft tissue scarring and its impact on the development, progression and, most of all, treatment of lymphoedema: scars that develop, for example after trauma, caused by surgical tissue defects or as a radioderm from radiation treatment in cases of oncological conditions and are connected with lymphoedema.

As part of the Online-Symposium, each participant can follow the lectures, ask questions online and also has the opportunity to re-watch the lectures in the media library for two weeks. I am therefore pleased to invite you to the 11th Munich Lymphology Symposium.

You can look forward to inspiring presentations, valuable discussions and, above all, an informative interdisciplinary exchange.

Dr. med. Michaela Knestele

Sincerely yours

Dr. med. Michaela Knestele

All information at a glance

Scientific lead

  • Dr. med. Michaela Knestele 
    Head Physician, Allgäu Wound Centre 
    Kliniken Ostallgäu-Kaufbeuren

Organiser / Conference office

  • Julius Zorn GmbH 
    Juzo Academy 
    Sandra Schäffer 
    Juliusplatz 1 
    86551 Aichach, Germany 
    Tel. +49 (0)8251 901 466 
    Fax +49 (0)8251 901 77 466 
    E-Mail sandra.schaeffer@juzo.de


Registration fee

  • EUR 69 plus statutory VAT



  • 10th July 2021 
    9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. CEST


Media library

  • Will be available for 2 weeks from release date, which is going to be a couple of days after the Symposium.


Congress language

  • German with simultaneous interpreting to English



  • You will receive a confirmation of participation


Please do not make any video recording and / or take photographs during the lectures. Thank you.

Programme of the 11th Munich Lymphology Symposium

9.00 a.m.Welcoming speech, introductionDr. med. Michaela Knestele, Kaufbeuren
 I. The scarModerator: Prof. Dr. med. Marcus Lehnhardt, Bochum
9.15 a.m.Scar characteristicsDr. med. Michaela Knestele, Kaufbeuren
9.35 a.m.Oedemas and scars during the treatment of burn victimsDr. med. Bernd Hartmann, Berlin
10.00 a.m.An interesting case: Treatment of a secondary 
lymphoedema using scar correction and compression
Dr. med. Katrin Kofler, Tübingen
10.15 a.m.Impact of scars on manual lymphatic drainage?Eva-Maria Streicher, Munich
10.40 a.m.Coffee break 
 II. The oedemaModerator: Prof. Dr. med. Manuel Cornely, Cologne
11.10 a.m.Prevention of lymphoedema following tumour / trauma 
caused by lymphovenous anastomosis
Prof. Dr. med. Marcus Lehnhardt, Bochum
11.35 a.m.Post-operative / post-traumatic lymphoedema: 
what needs to be taken into account during ML 
and compression therapy?
John Hakman, Iserlohn
12.05 p.m.Scars following radiation treatment in cases of breast 
cancer and their impact on arm or thorax wall lymphoedema
Dr. med. Barbara Netopil, Königstein
12.30 p.m.Treating a radioderm with plastic surgeryDr. med. dr. med. (Univ. Zagreb) Mirko Dozan, Munich
12.55 p.m.Lunch break 
 III. Physical therapyModerator: Dr. med. Anya Miller, Berlin
2.00 p.m.Complex thorax compression treatmentChristine Hemmann-Moll, Bad Rappenau
2.25 p.m.An interesting case: radioderm following 
breast cancer surgery
Dr. med. Jeannette Marell, Bad Nauheim
2.40 p.m.Fascia technique and osteopathy – help in case of 
PD Dr. med. Norman Best, Jena
3.05 p.m.Coffee break 
 IV. NewsModerator: Dr. med. Barbara Netopil, Königstein
3.30 p.m.What‘s new in lymphological compression therapy?Dr. med. Anya Miller, Berlin
3.55 p.m.Liposuction in hospital and at the doctor‘s practice 
against the background of the BGA ruling
Prof. Dr. med. Manuel Cornely, Cologne
4.20 p.m.SummaryDr. med. Michaela Knestele, Kaufbeuren


PD Dr. med. Norman Best

Comm. Institute Director 
Institute for Physiotherapy 
Universitätsklinikum Jena 
07747 Jena, Germany

Prof.Hon. Dr. med. Manuel E. Cornely

Specialist for Dermatology and Venereology, 
50678 Cologne, Germany

Dr. med. dr. med. (Univ. Zagreb) Mirko Dozan

Assistant Physician 
Clinic and Polyclinic for Plastic and 
Hand Surgery 
Klinikum rechts der Isar der TU Munich 
81675 Munich, Germany

John Hakman

Surgical Specialist 
Cert. f. Ges. für Fußchirurgie©, WundDiplomArzt® 
Lymphology further education 
Project Manager, Lymphology and Wound Healing 
58636 Iserlohn, Germany

Dr. med. Bernd Hartmann

Head Physician 
Centre for Severe Burn Victims with Plastic Surgery 
Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin 
12683 Berlin, Germany

Christine Hemmann-Moll

Master Bandagist 
74906 Bad Rappenau, Germany

Dr. med. Michaela Knestele

Head Physician 
Wundzentrum Allgäu 
Kliniken Ostallgäu-Kaufbeuren 
87600 Kaufbeuren, Germany

Dr. med. Katrin Kofler

Specialist for Dermatology and Venereology, 
Universitäts-Hautklinik Tübingen 
72076 Tübingen, Germany

Prof. Dr. med. Marcus Lehnhardt

Clinic for Plastic and Hand Surgery, 
Centre for Severe Burn Victims 
BG Universitätsklinikum Bergmannsheil gGmbH 
44789 Bochum, Germany

Dr. med. Jeannette Marell

Senior Physician Lymphology 
Reha-Zentrum Bad Nauheim 
Klinik Taunus 
Lymphology Department 
61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany

Binia Mattheis

Physical and Oedema Therapist 
86551 Aichach, Germany

Dr. med. Anya Miller

Specialist for Dermatology and Venerology 
Allergology, Phlebology, Lymphology 
10627 Berlin, Germany

Martin Morand

Specialist Teacher for Therapeutic 
Lymphatic Drainage / CDT 
Lymphological Physiotherapy Practice 
10719 Berlin, Germany

Dr. med. Barbara Netopil

Lymphology Physician 
Klinik Königstein der KVB 
61462 Königstein im Taunus, Germany

Eva-Maria Streicher

Physiotherapist, Specialist Teacher for MLD/CDT 
Physiotherapy Practice 
Lymphzentrum Großhadern 
81375 Munich, Germany

Gabriele Wähner

Practice Manager 
Lymphological Physiotherapy Practice 
10719 Berlin, Germany

Impressions of the 10th Munich Lymphology Symposium

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