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fold faq Why do compression stockings with a silicone adhesive border slip?

Silicone-coated top bands have experienced a veritable boom as an alternative fastening option over the past few years. Goods prerequisites for ensuring no slippage will occur are: as little hair as possible on the skin, no skin moisture (sweating), muscular legs, normal leg proportions, daily washing of the stockings "inside out".

fold faq Does wearing compression stockings lead to loss of leg muscle strength?

The external compression acts as a kind of buttress for the muscles. This exercises the muscles and promotes muscle strength. The prerequisite for this is: movement, movement, movement.

fold faq How many compression stockings or compression pantyhose can a physician prescribe per year?

When worn on a regular basis and properly cared for, compression stockings will last for about 6 months. After this, the elastics fibers will begin to slacken and the pressure effect will decline. That is why health funds will generally cover two treatment aids per year, i.e. a physician can issue two prescriptions per year. For hygienic reasons, your physician will be able to make out a prescription for two compression stockings the first time they are prescribed.

fold faq Is it necessary to use a yardstick when being measured up for compression stockings, or can this be done by eye as well? Are knee-high compression stockings with a wide top band available?

To determine your precise measurements, a narrow inelastic tape measure and, if possible, a measurement board should be used. Using a measurement board simplifies the task and saves time. Please have your legs measured by a medical supplies store - the staff there have been specially trained in taking measurements for compression stockings.
Yes, made-to-measure flat-knitted, knee-high compression stockings (with seam) can also be supplied with a wide top band.

fold faq Can I place compression stockings in the spin cycle of my washing machine?

All compression stockings from the company Juzo can be placed in the spin cycle. We recommend that you use the gentle cycle up to 100 deg F (40 °C), a laundry detergent for delicate fabrics, and no fabric softener. The spin cycle will be somewhat gentler when using the gentle cycle.

fold faq What materials are the compression stocking lines Juzo Attractive, Juzo Hostess, Juzo Soft and Juzo Dynamic made from?


Juzo Attractive:

CCL 1: 65% polyamide, 35% elastane
CCL 2: 57% polyamide, 43% elastane

Juzo Hostess:

CCL 1: 73% polyamide, 27% elastane
CCL 2: 64% polyamide, 36% elastane

Juzo Soft:

CCL 1: 73% polyamide, 27% elastane
CCL 2: 65% polyamide, 35% elastane

Juzo Dynamic:

CCL 1: 77% polyamide, 23% elastane
CCL 2: 75% polyamide, 25% elastane
CCL 3: 73% polyamide, 27% elastane

fold faq What is the difference between a bandage and an orthosis?

Whether a bandage or an orthosis is used depends on the clinical symptoms.
Orthoses are constructed mainly from stable and, in part, rigid materials. They are intended to place and hold parts of your body in defined postures, to relieve parts of your musculoskeletal system and to guide, limit or prevent joint movements.
Bandages, on the other hand, comprise mainly elastic, textile materials. They enclose parts of the body and exert a compressive pressure on the surface of the skin.