Special products

for the treatment of oedemas and venous ulcers


Juzo ACS light and Juzo Compression Wraps are adjustable compres sion systems that can be used as an alternative to, or in conjunction with conventional bandages. They are easy to apply, and the pressure can be tailored to the individual by means of velcro fasteners. They are characterized by their high therapeutic pressure and can be worn throughout the day and night.


Juzo ACS light is used in oedema therapy, whereas the Juzo Compression wrap is especially used in ulcer treatment due to its particularly short-stretch material.

The Juzo SoftCompress products such as bandage aids, pads, and inserts provide additional compression and an ideal pressure distribution. The vertically-stitched foam channels create differences in pressure, thereby promoting lymph drainage, while at the same time preventing soft tissue fibrosis.