Optimum pressure with Juzo® knitted fabrics

What are the benefits of compression


Compression therapy is one of the basic building blocks in the treatment of venous complaints and edema disorders. Compression garments can also contribute to very good treatment results in the case of scar therapy.

Improved return flow of lymph and blood


Circular-knitted grades are predominantly used in the area of venous therapy (phlebology). The compressive fabric exerts pressure on the veins. This reduces their diameter, thereby enabling the venous valves to close again. The blood flows out of the legs better, and painful swelling and obstructions recede.


Seamed compression stockings are generally indispensable in the area of lymphology. The flat-knitted stockings (e.g. Juzo Expert) are knitted stitch by stitch to precisely follow the contours of the body. The fabric is then sewn together with a flat, elastic seam. The thicker fabric offers additional features, such as its massaging effect, which promotes lymph drainage, and its strength, which ensures the stocking does not yield to the edema. In conjunction with movement, it produces a high therapeutic pressure that provides optimum compression of the tissue.

Assistance with burns


Deep burns and scalding, often treated with the aid of skin grafting, result in scar formation. To ensure no proliferative scarring occurs, it is essential to apply external compression as soon as the wound has healed. This enables the scar tissue to heal more quickly, and reduces the thickness of the scar. Even long standing scars can benefit from compression treatment.

Flat- and circular-knitted fabrics


The company Juzo offers both seamed and seamless compression stockings for a wide variety of therapeutic applications. Circular-knitted products such as Juzo Attractive, Juzo Soft and Juzo Dynamic have no seam and are ideally suited for venous therapy.

The flat-knitted Juzo Expert products are recommended for use in the areas of lymph therapy and scar treatment, where they provide efficient compression therapy:

  • Optimum wearing comfort thanks to the flat and elastic seams
  • The soft and smooth material guarantees patient mobility
  • The double-stretch elastic fabric provides a precisely defined compression distribution
  • Latex-free, sunfast and ointment proof, durable and breathable