Trend colours 2017

A pounding heart. In colour.
How the 2017 fashion colours will turn your head.


Feel your heart pounding, your knees going weak, butterflies in your stomach?
No doubt about it – you're in love! No wonder, we reckon, with all those irresistible colours...

The new year begins with an explosion of colour – and with 6 exciting and bold colours:
Pretty Lilac, Deep Aqua, Happy Red, Very Berry, Mellow Blue and Smooth Olive.
Simply follow your heart to find your favorite look for 2017: for the office, for sport, for lively celebrations and for lots of other occasions.

Attractive and comfortable – the 2017 offerings


No matter what colour (or colours) you end up choosing: a dependable, attractive and comfortable companion awaits you.
Every year we develop for you - with lots of love and care - a delightful colour palette to accompany you throughout the entire year and beyond and to bring a smile to your face each and every day.

Add some variety to your wardrobe


And what's more: each of these striking shades is available in unicolor or in Batik* with white or black, and either round-knitted or flat-knitted. There's definitely something for everyone!


*Except Juzo Expert Strong

Deep Acqua
Happy Red
Mellow Blue
Pretty Lilac
Smooth Olive
Very Berry