Trend colours 2018

There is only one you.


You have wonderful, unique characteristics, you have some rough edges but you are who you are!


Each colour, no matter if plain or batik*, circular (Juzo Attractive / Juzo Soft) or flat knitting (Juzo Expert / Juzo Expert Strong), is available from February 2018.


except Juzo Expert Strong

Trendfarbe unique taupe
unique taupe

You are ... unique


You don‘t let yourself be compartmentalised, because you‘re one of a kind.


You don‘t follow the trends, you set them.


You are a piece of art and hold to your convictions because you have a mind of your own.

stunning green

You are ... stunning


You shine from within and without and fill the room with life as soon as you enter it.


You celebrate life no matter what comes.


And you always have that little bit extra in reserve that can best be described by one word: WOW!

powerful pink

You are ... powerful


You stand by people like a true power.


You embody determination and courage.


You are self-confident and don‘t follow in other people‘s footsteps, because you only tread the path you know to be right – your own.

passionate red

You are ... passionate


You sparkle with energy and joie de vivre.


Thanks to your personality, you’re able to draw everyone’s attention to yourself in no time and to captivate people.


Standing in the shadow of others is not your thing.

You love to dance – and especially out of line!

inspiring navy

You are ... inspiring


You manage to infect others with your mood, and delight them with your ideas.


For you it‘s the moment that counts – the here and now! You only do what you feel like doing, because it‘s your life and your style!

awesome blue

You are ... awesome


You’re always there for someone when they need you.


You can be relied on 100 %.


You are a shoulder to lean on, an adviser, a sympathetic ear, and a motivator.


You’re the kind of person that makes people laugh until their belly aches.


You’re game for anything, and only ever ask “when?” and not “why?”.

Collection Batique

You are ... extraordinary


You enjoy standing out from the crowd but always stay true to yourself while doing so.


You don‘t care what others think about you.


You enjoy letting your hair down every now and then and doing crazy things, because you‘re not a run-of-the-mill person, you‘re flamboyant!

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