Juzo® Attractive

Art. no. 2701/2702/2781/2782

Thight stocking with lace border


  • Thight stocking with lace border
  • Juzo Attractive
<br/>Below-knee stocking
  • Panty hose with elastic body part
  • Juzo Attractive
  • Juzo Attractive
  • Juzo Attractive

The fashionable sheer stocking

Juzo Attractive is setting new trends in the area of fine compression stockings. It comes in bright fashionable colors, and is available with a variety of knitted-in trendy patterns.

Juzo Attractive

Juzo Attractive, which is available as a compression stocking or panty hose, is distinguished by its especially fine knit, which gives it a transparency comparable to any fine stocking. The thickened ball/heel area ensures greater durability of the foot section.

Maternity support panty hose

The Juzo Attractive line of panty hose is available with a specially woven abdominal section that guarantees a high level of wearing comfort throughout your pregnancy. Thanks to their fine and glistening knitted fabric, combined with trendy colors and the new knitted-in Vision pattern, these panty hose are a fashionable accompaniment during the event filled months of your pregnancy.

New "Vision" pattern

In May 2012, we released a new knitted-in diamond pattern called Vision, which will be complemented perfectly by a comfort adhesive border with a zig-zag design. The new adhesive border ensures a secure hold and is ideally suited for sensitive skin.
The Vision pattern is available in combination with all our trend and standard colors.


  • Especially fine knit
  • Glossy fine-stocking look
  • Robust and elastic body part
  • High wearing comfort and perfect fit
  • Shapes the legs
  • Seamless with closed toe (shoe sizes 37-42)

Area of application