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We would like to make your introduction to compression therapy as easy as possible. Therefore we have compiled some useful tips. What should you be aware of? How do I put the compression garment on properly and how do I look after it? Which accessories make it easier to put on the compression garment? Here, we will try to answer your questions – for a life in motion

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Compression Garments

Your new daily companion

Our doctor has prescribed a compression support which you must wear every day from now on to support you in the best possible way. For it to be as medically effective as possible and for you to be able to retain the results of compression therapy, it is vital that you wear your compression support every day.We want to make this new challenge as simple as possible and have provided you with some useful information.Let's start with the most important thing: A perfectly and optimally fitting compression support should not be constrictive or slide down. Using your body measurements, specially trained experts will recommend a compression support which will be made to fit you perfectly and precisely.

Get the fit checked regularly in a specialist shop in the future.Compression garments fit very closely like a second skin. This is why it can be particularly difficult at the start of the therapy to put it on when you don't have any experience and it can take some getting used to. Don't be disheartened, with practise and useful aids, it will get easier to put it on over time. And of course there are some helpful tips to make you better at putting on your compression garment.

Good to know
  • Always put your compression stockings on in the morning straight after you get out of bed. This is when your legs are slimmest as they haven't got going yet. This makes it easier to put them on. This doesn't apply to compression support for scar therapy where the support must be worn continually for 24 hours.

  • Wear Juzo Special Gloves when putting on the compression garment. This allows your compression garment to mould to your arm or leg. It also stops the fabric from being damaged.

  • Ensure that your hands and fingernails are well kept and remove jewellery before putting the garment on.

  • Moisturise your skin (e.g. with Juzo Vital Balsam 7) as wearing the compression garment regularly can dry it out. It is best to moisturise daily after taking off the compression garment.

Donning and doffing aids

Your useful everyday aid

To make you happy to wear your compression garment every day, Juzo is constantly working to provide you with the highest level of comfort by using the best quality materials. In addition, we aim to make donning and doffing and caring for your support easier for you. With the special Juzo donning and doffing aids, the compression garments can be put on simply, quickly, cor-rectly and without external help or physical strain. The garment can only have a positive medical effect if worn daily.

Juzo donning and doffing aids are available for stockings and tights as well as sleeves and ribcage support. While your garments are being fitted, get the specialist trader to also show you how to use the Juzo donning aid which is perfectly suited to your care and needs.

Let us show you the various kinds of Juzo donning aids:

Juzo Easy Fit

If you have limited mobility but have to wear compression stockings daily, then the aid Juzo Easy Fit will be the best for you. With the Juzo Easy Fit, it is not just easier to put on the compression garments, it also means you barely have to stoop.

The aid is used when sitting which reduces the risk of a fall. Your stockings will also be stretched slightly by the metal frame of the Juzo Easy Fit which makes it easier to put it on. A silicone coated retaining element which fixes the stocking to the metal frame makes it easier to take off your compression support without great strain.

Donning of compression stockings with closed toes

Juzo Arion donning and doffing aid

The Arion aid for putting on and taking off compression garments Juzo Arion makes it possible to easily and quickly put on and take off medical compression garments such as compression stockings, tights and sleeves without external help and without a lot of physical effort. It stands out due to its particularly low friction material which is also very tear-proof. This means that delicate or damaged skin is protected and not damaged any further.The Arion aids are easily folded small and are good to take with you or when you are travelling. Thus, you can have this useful helper always to hand.

Donning of compression stockings with closed toes

Juzo Slippie

This slip-on aid (made from tear-proof Tyvek) is available especially for stockings and tights with open toes, compression sleeves and elbow bandages.

Donning of compression stockings with open toes


Donning aid for compression gloves with open fingers
Donning of compression sleeves
application in combination with compression sleeves
Donning of compression stockings with open toes
Donning of compression stockings with closed toes
Donning of compression stockings with open toes
Donning of compression sleeves

The right care

How to clean your compression garment



Wash your compression garment daily – this is the only way to retain its elastic properties for a long time. Residue from skin cells, ointments, dirt and dust particles have a sanding effect on the yarns and fibres. 

The residue can only be completely removed with regular washing and this increases the lifespan of the compression garment.
We recommend that you use the gentle Juzo Special Detergen.


Washing machine

Your compression garment can be washed in the washing machine on a delicate cycle (up to 40 °C).

WARNING: Do not use fabric softener as this affects the compression fibres


Drying time

Drying time can be shortened by lying the compression garment on a thick terry towel, rolling it up tight and putting pressure on it. Now hang it up.

IMPORTANT: Do not leave it lying on the towel and do not leave to dry on the radiator or in direct sunlight. If using a tumble dryer make sure you use a gentle drying programme. Products containing cotton cannot be tumble-dried.


Rinse thoroughly if handwashing, do not wring the material.



All fasteners must be securely closed before washing.


Care instructions

Always follow the care instructions in the instructions for use and care and on the label on your compression garment.


No dry cleaning

Compression garments cannot be dry cleaned.


Silicone Borders

We recommend that you turn compression garments with adhesive edge inside out before washing.

Check out the Juzo Silicone Borders for a perfect fit!

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