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Trail running - the latest sporting trend

Over hill and dale

Where the road ends, the fun really begins. Running on narrow trails not only trains your physical endurance, but also your concentration and coordination. Trail runners get a full-body workout while at the same enjoying the beauty of nature. Trail running is similar to cross-country running.

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The running surface can vary from soft tracks, trails, tree root paths, and meadows right through to boulder fields. It can take you down unbeaten paths, or across open country or through forests – whatever takes your fancy. Because the level of exertion is higher for trail running, the running pace is lower than when training on the track or on asphalt. Cross-country running is not about kilometres and best times, but about the experience, the adventure, and the challenge in the great outdoors. That includes sometimes coming to a stop, savouring the landscape, and getting your breath back a bit. The distance of the run is of secondary importance when trail running. You can nevertheless feel how this off-road work is involving your entire body, and developing muscular endurance and coordination. Trail running also improves sure-footedness and running dynamics.

Basic fitness is helpful
As with other endurance sports, it is important to gradually introduce yourself to the new physical challenges. Having a certain basic level of fitness and strength is very advantageous when starting out with trail running. After all, the runner needs to readjust to the changing ground with every step, react to unevenness, and stabilize the body. This noticeably develops the muscles of the feet, legs and upper body. To give yourself a taste of trail running, why not start first with a few smaller excursions – for example by selecting a running course where you can take a short detour across open country. Running across a mowed meadow or through a small piece of forest will give you a good idea of what to expect with this particular sport. It will also give your musculoskeletal system a chance to gradually get used to the new physical challenges.

Conservation of nature is paramount
Germany has around 200,000 kilometers of marked walking trails. They are regularly maintained, and are ideally suited for trail running. You will never get bored because the trails lead through picturesque landscapes and offer enough small surprises to bring variety to your running. You might, for example, encounter a rugged stream, a shaky wooden bridge, or a swampy area. Furthermore, most walking trails are easily accessible by public transport, which makes it possible for you to extend the range of your run and to vary its characteristics. Responsible trail runners appreciate, while carrying out their activities, that nature also needs its peace and quiet. They don't startle the wildlife, and they respect nature reserves and the living and resting areas of animals.


First breast cancer, then lymphoedema

Christine Raab suffered a double blow. In November 2014 she had to come to grips with a diagnosis of breast cancer. Then, after surgery and chemo, came the second blow: a lymphedema. But the makeup artist didn't let this get her down. These days she uses her positive attitude to encourage other women in film and audio clips.

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Truly rich are those who have more dreams in their soul than reality can destroy.
Christine Raab, Lymphoedema patient

The cancer was discovered by her husband, who noticed a lump in her breast. After an ultrasound, mammogram and biopsy, a diagnosis was made in November 2014. It was not a harmless cyst, as Christine Raab had initially assumed, but actually breast cancer. For the young woman – as for anyone in this situation – it was a shock. The word “chemotherapy” conjured up the typical images in her head: of hair falling out, that she would appear sick in some way.

Video message for her friends
At the time, Christine Raab was working as a makeup artist, giving swimming lessons to children, and organizing childminding programs at events. A packed calendar that was completely turned on its head by the breast cancer diagnosis and the many medical appointments. To ensure all her acquaintances were equally well informed, Christine Raab made a video there and then, published it on YouTube, and shared it on Facebook. On 2 January 2015 the time had arrived – the chemotherapy would start as planned. Every three weeks after that there was a further dose, six doses in total. During the chemo, Christine Raab organized photo shoots with her husband, and went to festivals and concerts, because sitting around and doing nothing was not an option for such an energetic young woman.

The right arm swells
One day – after getting over the chemo – Christine Raab noticed while driving that her right arm had swollen up. It was quickly established that she had developed a lymphoedema. What followed was lymphatic drainage, bandaging, and a compression sleeve, which she now wears with great assuredness. She gets it adjusted in the medical supply store when necessary, and it lets her live an everyday life in which she can work as normal. Of course the children sometimes ask what she's got on her arm, and at times she needs to explain what it is during makeup sessions. But Christine Raab is open about her disorder and, in many respects, is also a role model and encourager to other sufferers.

Looking attractive despite chemo
Christine Raab started putting on makeup again while still undergoing chemotherapy. It was good for her wellbeing to look in the mirror and not look so sick anymore. Her bald head was no longer so bad, the eyebrows and lashes were able to be replaced. She also made some videos about this, showed them on YouTube, and gave courage to numerous viewers who were in a similar situation. And now, three years after the diagnosis? The topic of breast cancer is pretty much in the past now for Christine Raab. “I'm doing well, I'm healthy”, she announces happily over the phone. She has decided to only do things that are good for her, has trained to be a yoga teacher, and continues to produce videos and podcasts for her website christine-raab.de. She has also recently started giving yoga lessons to cancer patients. What advice would she give to women with a similar medical history? “Quite simple”, says Christine Raab: “No matter how bad the situation – you should always try to make the best of it!”


Compression sleeves

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is used to decongest tissue and to activate lymph drainage. Once no further reduction in the oedema can be achieved, the affected tissue is then compressed with a made-to-measure compression sleeve – if necessary in combination with a compression glove (e.g. Juzo Expert) – in order to maintain the therapy results.


Balance top band for Juzo Soft and Attractive

A blessing for sensitive skin


Wearing compression stockings has never been this comfortable. The new Balance top band with its micro-nubs made from skin-friendly silicone has been specially tailored to the requirements of sensitive skin.

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Wearing compression stockings exactly according to the physician's instructions requires a high level of motivation and discipline on the part of the patient. Juzo helps ensure the necessary therapy compliance for successful healing by continuously further developing and improving its products. A good example of this is the new Balance top band for thigh-high stockings in the Juzo Soft (from 1 November 2017) and Juzo Attractive (from 1 January 2018) product lines. The five-centimeter-wide band with micro-nubs ensures not only a perfect fit and hold, but also the highest level of wearing comfort. Patients with sensitive skin that is prone to irritation can now find the ideal solution for their needs.



The micro-nubs in the new Balance top band, which are made from skin-friendly silicone, ensure a high degree of permeability to air, and are applied as dots for increased breathability. This also enables them to optimally transport moisture away from the surface of the skin. They help reduce skin irritations, which are often caused by sweating, thereby maintaining the natural balance of the skin.


Thanks to the dot pattern of micro-nubs there is less silicone in contact with the skin. This avoids unnecessary tension on the skin, and minimizes shear forces. Furthermore, the low volume of the skin-friendly micro-nubs and the especially elastic material reduce the pressure on the sensitive skin. This minimizes pressure points, which can increase the risk of skin irritation, while still guaranteeing an optimum hold.

In a nutshell

  • Especially high breathability
  • Best possible moisture regulation
  • Minimal shear forces
  • Almost no pressure on the skin
  • Very good hold
  • Low coating volume

JuzoFlex® Malleo anatomic

High-tech ankle support.


The innovative JuzoFlex Malleo anatomic was developed to prevent long-term consequences of an ankle injury.


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The state-of-the-art circular knitting technology provides high wearing comfort, and the  elastic knitting zones and three-dimensional reinforcing elements ensure the best possible support. With these incredible advantages, the JuzoFlex Malleo anatomic sets a new standard in ankle supports.


The average person will walk approx. 150,000 km during their lifetime. This corresponds to a distance of more than three times around the earth. Our ankles are constantly moving and therefore continually subjected to loads. Even during normal walking or gentle jogging, it experiences loads as high as seven times the weight of the body. Ligament injuries of the ankle are one of the most common acute injuries of the human musculoskeletal system - 87 % of all people who participate in sport suffer a ligament injury during the course of their “career”. These injuries can lead to delayed-onset, permanent and irreversible impacts on the body and its functions.

State-of-the-art therapeutic circular knitted fabric

The new JuzoFlex Malleo anatomic was developed to prevent these long-term consequences. It is precisely tailored to the human anatomy, and is used not only for chronic lateral and medial ligament instabilities but also during the mobilization phase.

With the JuzoFlex Malleo anatomic, Juzo pursues an innovative approach using a state-of-the-art circular knitting technology: The overall shape and different knitting zones of the support have been designed to precisely match the functionality of the foot and the ligament structures to provide ideal support in the region of the medial and lateral ligaments


Best possible wearing comfort

In addition, the innovative elastic fabric of the JuzoFlex Malleo anatomic offer best possible wearing comfort, with no pressure points or constriction. It makes donning and doffing of the ankle support easier and is therefore a valuable help in the patient’s everyday life. It also enables it to adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot, thereby ensuring a constant compression pressure (ccl 2).  

The semi-elastic reinforcing elements

The semi-elastic reinforcing elements in the JuzoFlex Malleo anatomic are positioned exactly over the ligament structures of the foot. Being three-dimensionally shaped to match the anatomy of the ligament apparatus, they provide stabilization in precisely those areas where ligament instabilities arise. This enables them to support the ankle without restricting physiological movement.

Ergonomic Pads

The additional incorporation of size-minimized and especially flat pads improves proprioception and increases the compressive pressure in the Bisgaard (perimalleolar) region of the ankle. Thanks to its extremely thin shape, the JuzoFlex Malleo anatomic can be worn in any shoe and is suitable for continuous use. For persons suffering from ligament instabilities, long-term and regular wearing of the support can reduce the likelihood of talar shift occurring, thereby preventing the development of ankle arthrosis. 

Juzo, with its wide range of supports and orthoses for the ankle joint, provides effective support for every phase of injury treatment – from acute to chronic.


Endurance sports: Faster recovery with compression?

Compression garments are an important topic not only in the field of medicine – athletes have also been discussing their benefits for some time now.

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Some hope to improve their performance, others regard a faster recovery time after exercise as the main advantage.

In the area of medicine, the advantages are clear: compression stockings are an important component in the treatment of venous disorders. Compression provides external support to the muscle pump and blood vessels. This improves blood circulation, thereby enabling the muscle to be better supplied with blood. This effect can also be of benefit to athletes. In his book “Running!”, Dr. Dr. Lutz Aderhold discusses that “an increase in blood supply to the muscles” leads to improved performance. This manifests itself as “a lower subjective perception of stress, lower lactate values, and improved running times”. Athletes are also debating the question of whether compression garments support exercise recovery. This has been investigated in a New Zealand study that was published in the Journal of Strength&Conditioning Research.


Study participants: the New Zealand rugby team


In the study, compression tights were compared with those without a compressive effect. The participants in the study were the players in the New Zealand national rugby union team. 22 trained professionals exerted themselves in a game, and afterwards were required to wear long compression tights for 24 hours and then undergo a performance test. The aim of the test was to investigate the effect of the garment on exercise recovery. Every player had to repeat the process twice: once with a compression garment, and once with a similar looking garment without compression. The Rugby players were told by the researchers that the aim of the study was to compare two different types of compression garments. The main exercises used to assess recovery were ten 40-metre sprints with a 30 second break between each of them, followed by a 3-kilometre timed run. A small difference was evident at the fifth, sixth and seventh 40-metre sprint. The players also completed the 3-kilometre run somewhat faster, by 2.0 +/- 1.9 %, after wearing the compression garment. The compression garment therefore showed a slight advantage over the regular garment. The researchers came to the following scientific conclusion overall: wearing a compression garment during exercise recovery is “probably advantageous and very unlikely to be harmful”.


The allrounder for active people

The sporty allrounder Juzo Dynamic Cotton Rib is optimally tailored to the needs of active people, and will impress with its perfect hold even during vigorous physical activity. It is smooth and very durable. The compression stocking is also exceptionally skin-friendly thanks to its high cotton content.

The striking rib structure gives the Juzo Dynamic Cotton Rib an attractive look, which also makes it ideal for everyday wearing.


Pounding heart. In colour.

March is the month everyone looks forward to. Spring season begins, and nature wakes up. Many people feel a surge in energy, some even get into high spirits.

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Trend colours

There’s spring fever up and down the country. Just the right time then for Juzo to present its new fashion colours for 2017: They are called Pretty Lilac, Deep Aqua, Happy Red, Very Berry, Mellow Blue and Smooth Olive – six exciting bold colours for countless modern looks, and a wide variety of combinations that are guaranteed to put you in a good mood. All Juzo 2017 fashion colours are available for both our circular-knitted and flat-knitted garments. And they also come in our unicolour design, and our striking Batik design combined with white or black. So everyone is bound to find their favorite 2017 look – for the office, for sport, for lively celebrations, and for lots of other occasions.

Spring fever – and how it arises
Spring fever really does exist. You notice a certain get-up-and-go feeling and a desire to shed the load of the cold winter period. The days become longer, the darkness disappears, and an increased thirst for action sets in as a result. “Spring fever” is what they call it in North America but is has nothing to do with the higher temperatures, as researchers have discovered. Rather, the increased exposure to light through the eyes and into the brain reduces the level of the sleep hormone melatonin. This brings about hormonal changes. The level of the happiness hormone serotonin increases, as does the level of dopamine and noradrenaline. You feel more active and alert. And it is not only the eyes that sense the start of spring. Outdoors you can literally smell that spring has sprung when the earthy smell of the ground warmed by sunlight rises up into your nose.

The best time for flirting

In Spring, people flirt more than at any other time of year – at parties, on the Internet, while on holidays, or at the supermarket checkout. 35 percent of German singles experience a strong urge to hook up with the opposite sex at this time of year, according to a survey of 2,300 singles conducted by the online dating firm Parship. Regardless of whether you are looking for luck in love, hoping for a new beginning, or seeking to express their excess joie de vivre: The exciting Juzo 2017 fashion colours will help them make a fashion statement that’s guaranteed to garner lots of attention and admiration.

Visually attractive and soft

The Juzo 2017 fashion colours available for:

// Circular-knit garments (Juzo Attractive/Juzo Soft)
// Flat-knit garments (Juzo Expert/Juzo Expert Strong)
// Unicolour or Batik*, combined with white or black

*Excluding Juzo Expert Strong

Sponsoring athletes with disability

Anna Schaffelhuber and Gerd Schönfelder are extremely successful top athletes – despite their amputation and paraplegia, respectively. Furthering its commitment to disabled athletes, Juzo is helping the two top athletes further their success.

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Sport & Lifestyle

In Mexico City, the six-time world champion Anna received the “Paralympic Sports Award” for her five gold medals at the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi. For two years, she may now use the title of “World’s Best Disabled Athlete”. The next award followed soon afterwards: In Cologne, the 23-year-old Bavarian from Bayerbach (Germany) was elected for the fourth time as the “Disabled Athlete of the Year” and honored in an official ceremony with nearly 400 guests at the German Sports & Olympia Museum. Today, Anna is one of the most successful alpine ski athletes worldwide.

With one arm and 22 medals

Gerd, from the northern Bavarian region of the Upper Palatinate, also had to set up an extra-large showcase for all his medals and trophies. The 44-year-old downhill racer lost his right arm in a 1989 accident, but that did not deter the nicknamed “Schöni” from collecting 16 victories and a total of 22 medals in several Winter paralympics. As a 14-time world champion, he is considered the most successful athlete in Paralympics history. Gerd was repeatedly awarded “Disabled Athlete of the Year”. Furthermore he received the “Silver Laurel Leaf”, the highest German award for sports achievements, four times and was named honorary citizen of his home town, Kulmain (Germany).

Growing public interest

There is no question about it: Anna and Gerd are exceptional athletic personalities. Not only do they demonstrate their special performance and efficiency, but they are also role models for many other people affected by a physical handicap. Outstanding athletes like “Schöni” and Anna also contribute to gradually moving adaptive sports for people with a disability more into the focus of the general public. A prime example is the broadcasting time for Paralympic events on German television – it increased fivefold between Athens in 2004 and London in 2012. Despite such positive developments, athletes with a disability still depend on broad support and sponsoring, which is why Juzo is sponsoring and cheering for Anna and Gerd.


Uwe Schettler
President and CEO

Why does Juzo sponsor athletes with a disability?

Our activities as a sponsor reflect our understanding and appreciation of values, as well as our long history as a family-run company. Helping people with our products and our social commitment take into account both the convictions of our company founder, Julius Zorn, and our guiding principle “Freedom in Motion“.


Why do athletes with a disability depend on support more so than other athletes?

The professionalization of adaptive sports is still in its infancy. While physically-sound top athletes are able to rely on a multitude of support programs, disabled athletes are struggling to fi t in and coordinate their jobs, apprenticeships or studies, as well as their demanding training schedules. This is where we will come in. With our commitment and support, we want to make life a little easier for these admirable athletes and help them to fully utilize their great potential.


What do you personally like about adaptive sports?

I am impressed and very touched by the sports achievements of our athletes, by their motivation, the solidarity of their community and the great atmosphere in stadiums and other sports facilities. These are fantastic experiences and certainly also one reason for the growing importance and role of adaptive sports and their positive perception in the public eye.

“A new life begins.”

At the age of 30, Nicole Kraayvanger learned that she was suffering from lymphoedema. She took up the fight against this disorder and has already been very successful, thanks to compression therapy.

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Five years ago, the young woman pictured above weighed 286 kilograms (630 pounds). Last year, she was only 155 kilograms (342 pounds). That is 131 kilogram (288 pounds) less! Her significant weight loss shows how encouraging the success of effective therapy can be for patients suffering from lymphedema.  Nicole‘s ordeal started in 2005 – with an inflammation of her leg. “Perhaps something had bit or stung me, I don’t know, but immediately afterwards, I had the chills and a fever, and my leg turned hot and red,” Nicole said. Vast amounts of lymphatic fluid accumulated. It became obvious that Nicole needed to see specialists, but her experience that followed was something other lymphoedema patients may also have experienced.

“Many doctors know nothing about it [lymphoedema]. Instead of getting real help, I was confronted with skepticism and a lack of understanding. Some even said that it would be impossible,” she said. Even the health carriers were not very helpful. She had to wait a long time for the approval of a cure for treatment. It was only in the year 2009 that Nicole was admitted to a special clinic in Hinterzarten (Black Forest, Germany); this is where she got her first compression stockings. However, her ordeal was far from over: Another inflammation (a so-called erysipela) and increasing fluid accumulations resulted in weight gain, as well as severe  psychological strain and drastic restrictions in her everyday life: Nicole was no longer able to work. Visiting friends, taking a walk in the park – none of that was possible.

Improving her quality of life

And today? “For me, a new life has begun,” said the likeable woman from Duisburg. “Finally, I can walk again without any pain – a great feeling!“ She found specialists, not far from where she lives, who encouraged her, and together they started to combat the disorder. Nicole underwent sleeve gastrectomy; two tissue pouches on her leg were surgically removed. Her weight dropped dramatically; her quality of life increased from one month to the next. Successful therapy also included lymphatic drainage twice a week, plus bandaging. Nicole also has a lymphatic drainage machine at home. Her three-part compression garments are from Juzo and “they are fitting excellently”.

Nicole Kraayvanger is wearing Juzo Expert Strong

The three-part compression garments for Nicole include below-knee stockings and leggings of compression class 3 as well as a pantyhose of compression class 2. The products of the Juzo Expert Strong line are available in all four compression classes and can be used in the most diverse disorders and indications in phlebology, lymphology and scar therapy. Due to their special knit, stockings with seam are also suitable for extreme body proportions with difficult medical indications. Even in case of high compression and containment, the garments are comfortable to wear due to flat seams and breathable soft fabric. Available in different standard and trend colours.


Skin care

Lymphoedema is harmful for the skin – it might dry out, it gets itchy and starts to scale or peel. Thus, specific skin care is very important: In order to wash your skin, use a lotion, which leaves the natural protective acid mantle of the skin intact.

Exercise and sports

Light exercise is very helpful for patients with lymphoedema: Regular movement promotes lymphatic drainage. Nordic Walking, cycling, hiking and swimming are recommended activities. It is important to always wear the compression aids while being active. In combination with contracting muscles, this will result in an additional “pumping effect” which can promote the drainage of lymphatic fluid.

2016 Juzo trend colours

Throughout 2016, women worldwide will be able to express their individuality and create colourful, vibrant looks.

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Trend colours

It is not just the fashion world that thinks about the latest trends. Juzo is working hard with a lot of creativity towards making women even more beautiful – despite any required compression. “Able to live your own style, not letting yourself be restricted.” That is what Juzo wants to make possible.


Every year, the result will be beautiful new colours, and one might entirely forget that compression aids are concerned. Fashion and function can be easily combined – Juzo will show you how!


For their compression knee-highs, thigh-highs, pantyhose, arm sleeves or gauntlets, women in the U.S. may choose from among seven different 2016 summer trend colours and their tie dye variants which downright urge you to cherish the summer and the mild evenings to the fullest.


Also Juzo GmbH in Germany found its 2016 trend colours for the European and Overseas markets. Due to the different markets, the colours of Juzo Inc. and Juzo GmbH differ, to offer exactly what the markets require.

Juzo Inc's 2016 summer trend colours

So Juzo GmbH got inspired from galaxies far, far away and like in the United States they are also available in tie dye patterns.




Stockings simply exude cosmic beauty and galactic trendiness – quite out of this world.