Julius – the little supporter for scar therapy

Treating a burn injury or scalding can often be a lengthy process. Children, in particular, need a lot of support to ensure they contribute to a positive healing outcome. The “little supporter Julius” is intended to help affected children and their parents through the difficult time after an accident. The purpose of this cheerful underwater creature is to build up the children’s confidence and encourage them to wear their compression garment consistently, thereby contributing to the success of the treatment. Through Julius, the children also learn that it is possible to achieve the “impossible”, and he helps them find their way back to a normal life. Julius aims to be playful and supporting in a fun and loving way.

Julius has set up a website especially for his little helpers. Parents of affected children can find information on this website about skin injuries and the scar therapy process, examples of successfully treated children, and important contact addresses. For the affected children themselves, Julius has collected some exciting audio books, games, colouring pages and screen backgrounds for downloading. Children can also encourage one another with their own “words of encouragement”.

Julius iron-on patches
The iron-on patches are available for all Juzo Expert and Juzo Expert Silver (colour Almond) garments.