Vacation Jobs at Juzo

The vacation season has started all over Germany, so it's time once again this year for Juzo to greet lots of vacation workers.

Juzo likes to encourage and support young people by offering pupils and students exciting jobs in various areas of the company. It's not only about earning a little extra pocket money, though. Vacation workers get the opportunity to utilize their study-free time to obtain some exciting insights into the workings of an industrial company. A vacation job also gives younger students a chance to get a taste of different vocational options.

Our manufacturing centre is looking forward to your assistance


As in previous years, most of the jobs on offer will be in the giant Juzo manufacturing centre in Ecknach, where 26 vacation workers between the ages of 16 and 26 and living in the Aichach, Schrobenhausen and Friedberg district will get the opportunity to start work on 01 August. They will be assisting the manufacturing and logistics departments.


If you're interested in a vacation job next year, then send your application to Juzo around the start of May of the coming year and be prepared to offer three weeks of your time. Each year we divide the vacation period into two halves, so applicants can choose whether they would like to work in the first or the second half of the summer vacation. The minimum age for all applicants is 16.


The vacation period is also an exciting time for Juzo employees with lots of new faces to see. We therefore look forward yet again this year to having so many young people spend their vacation period with us. And those who enjoy their time with us might return again some time later. For information about training opportunities or other entry points to employment at Juzo, see:

We will, of course, be offering more vacation jobs next year. Your contact person for all applications is:


Mrs Huber,

+49 (0)8251 901 0