March 15: Back Health Day

Back pain is the number one health complaint these days. So get active today, on Back Health Day, and take up the fight against your back pain.

Almost everyone knows and dreads it: back pain. There are many causes and triggers for back pain and unfortunately, apart from a few specific illnesses, the condition is often “self-inflicted”. Imbalanced, repetitive movement patterns, insufficient exercise, or declining physical activity with age often play a role. Other significant factors include stress and being overweight. And then it comes on, sometimes suddenly and intensively, sometimes gradually but getting increasingly severe and persistent. Sufferers experience impairments, in particular in everyday situations that make seemingly easy tasks more arduous and painful.

This year's Back Health Day, with the motto “Maintain balance – strengthen the back”, is being organized by the German Association for Back Training Facilities (BdR) and the Campaign for Healthy Backs (AGR). The day provides an ideal opportunity for affected persons to address the issue of back pain and find solutions for avoiding it. Accordingly, there will be numerous events, campaigns and workshops taking place throughout Germany. For a list of all the planned events and further information about Back Health Day, visit:

There are many ways of effectively combating back pain, and it is often possible to avoid further episodes altogether. Exercise, and the associated strengthening of the musculature, is the most effective way to say goodbye to back pain for good. Having a strong back is especially important for those who sit or stand a lot at work. Movement is an essential countermeasure in this case as it strengthens the strained muscles. Forms of exercise that are gentle to the back, for example swimming and bike riding, are also ideally suited for building up the musculature.

Should you nevertheless experience back pain, the lumbal orthoses from Juzo can help you get through the day without pain. There are a number of different versions available, from light to strong, depending on the indication and your specific requirements. With adequate exercise and a lumbar orthosis from Juzo, your back pain will hopefully soon be a thing of the past, thereby giving you more time to savor the essential things in life.