Juzo® Arion Dactyna - The new donning aid

Easy donning of your compression gloves with open fingers.

It is a goal of Juzo to make it as convenient as possible for patients to wear their compression garment. Not only wearing comfort, but also easy donning and doffing plays an important role. For this purpose, the Juzo Arion products provide the best possible support by enabling easy donning and doffing without great physical exertion. Easy handling of the compression garment can contribute enormously to acceptance and compliance, especially for weak patients or children.


Even more choice in the Arion range

From 1st September 2017, the Arion product range gets complemented with the new Juzo Arion Dactyna Donning Aid. It effectively facilitates donning compression gloves with open fingers. Juzo Arion Dactyna is characterised by high comfort and easy handling. The donning aid can be a valuable support not only for the patients but also for nursing staff.

Like all Juzo Arion products, the Juzo Arion Dactyna is made of tearproof and durable material. Furthermore, it has an excellent gliding effect in order to ensure that fragile and damaged skin does not get additionally injured. All Arion Donning and Doffing Aids are easy to fold and therefore very portable.


Did you know?

On our new “Well-informed“ page you can have a look at the instructions on the different Juzo Donning Aids. There you will learn step by step how to use our donning aids correctly in order to ensure a perfect fit of your compression garment. In addition, we provide you with all information on further useful accessories and care products. Juzo Arion products can be used for scar therapy and lymphology. For more information on Juzo Arion Dactyna, please visit www.juzo.com/arion-dactyna