Juzo Balance silicone border – available from 1 Nov 17

The new balance silicone border with micro-nub coating offers the highest wearing comfort for people with sensitive skin prone to irritation.

We are constantly working on making our compression stockings as comfortable to wear as possible for our patients. With our new Balance silicone border, we can now cater even better to the specific needs of people with highly sensitive skin.

Overview of the Balance silicone border’s special characteristics
The new Balance silicone border will impress you with its micro-nubs made from soft silicone. Thanks to the material used, they are especially skin-friendly whilst also ensuring a high degree of permeability to air. The dot pattern arrangement of the micro-nubs on the top band also increases the breathability of the fabric, which enables any excess moisture to be optimally transported away from the surface of the skin.
This minimizes skin irritations, which are frequently caused by sweating, thereby maintaining the natural balance of the skin.

In the case of sensitive skin, it is also particularly important to keep pressure on the skin as low as possible. The low volume of the skin-friendly micro-nubs, and the especially elastic material of the new Balance silicone border provide the ideal solution to this problem by minimizing pressure points, which would otherwise increase the risk of skin irritation.

The micro-nub coating ensures a best possible hold while keeping shear forces low. Thanks to the dot pattern of micro-nubs, there is less silicone in contact with the skin. This avoids the irritation that can result from tension on the skin.

Other silicone borders for your compression stockings
Juzo also offers a selection of other silicone borders, of course, so from 1 November you will be able to choose from five different silicone border options to suit a wide variety of requirements. Why not take a moment right now to browse our product range.

You can also select your favorite colour from our comprehensive colour palette ((Link)) to ensure your tailored compression stockings perfectly match your lifestyle.