Colourful: The new trend colours are here!

The new Juzo Trend Colours 2017 stand for “heart pounding in colour”, because each of the six new colours will make your heart beat faster!

Let your fantasy and creativity run wild, because the new trend colours allow countless modern and unique looks.
It is difficult to decide between the new variety of colours. How do you feel today? All relaxed with Smooth Olive or scrumptious with Very Berry? Gentle in Mellow Blue or rather cool in Pretty Lilac? Deep in Deep Aqua or simply happy and frisky in Happy Red? You got the choice!

From March, all new Juzo Trend Colours are available in circular and flat knit. For the second time, patients who need a Juzo Expert or Juzo Expert Strong flat knit compression garment can choose out of the colourful and expressive shades of colour.

For even more conspicuous, unique and bold looks, all trend colours are also available in Batik combined with black or white*. This creates countless new and colourful combinations which always enable new styles and are simply fun!
Exciting and unique – just like you!

Fall in love with the Juzo Trend Colours 2017.


*Except Juzo Expert Strong