2017 training intake commences at Juzo

On 1 September 2017, 14 young adults commenced their training at Juzo thereby setting off on a successful career.

Wide variety of options

The trainees at Juzo in the Bavarian town of Aichach were able to choose from eleven different and promising fields of vocational training. Regardless of where the trainee's strengths lie, Juzo with its traineeships in the commercial area, in IT/media, and in the industrial area is able to offer each of them a suitable occupation. But that's not all, trainees now have the option to undertake one of three different dual courses of study, e.g. ‘Business Administration - International Business’ at DHBW Heidenheim, or ‘Business Administration - Media and Communication Sector’ at DHBW Ravensburg.

There are clearly many doors to success for those who choose to train at Juzo. This year's career entrants, who started their training at Juzo on 1 September, are well aware of this.


What's it like to do a traineeship at Juzo?

At Juzo, every trainee spends a little time in several different departments to ensure they get to know the business from the ground up, from their specific training area right through to the production and logistics center. The trainees are given the opportunity to gain their first experiences in the various departments, which prepares them ideally for their career path after training.


Why Juzo?

At Juzo, we place a great deal of value on retaining our trainees after their training ends, and engaging them for the long term in our company. The great thing about Juzo, a family-owned business, is its high retention rate for trainees, and the promising opportunities and great prospects for advancement that it offers. Employees are also regularly offered the opportunity to undertake individualized further training, both of a technical or personal nature. So completing a traineeship at Julius Zorn GmbH is by no means the end of things, but rather the beginning of a successful future in our company.

For further information, see the Careers area of our website.