News at Juzo®

Juzo, a fourth generation family-owned business, has been successfully developing medical aids since 1912. True to the motto “Freedom in Motion”, you can find here the latest news about the company Juzo, the causes we support, and what we do.

The new balance silicone border with micro-nub coating offers the highest wearing comfort for people with sensitive skin prone to irritation. >>

Your next opportunity to make contacts, and obtain information about career entry points directly from our company and in person. >>

Every year around 100,000 people in Germany alone die as a result of a pulmonary embolism – it's time to change this! >>

People are living ever longer. This poses an increasing challenge for society – and our own bodies. >>

On 1 September 2017, 14 young adults commenced their training at Juzo thereby setting off on a successful career. >>

Easy donning of your compression gloves with open fingers. >>

The vacation season has started all over Germany, so it's time once again this year for Juzo to greet lots of vacation workers. >>

Julius is setting out on his eighth adventure now as he continues to accompany young patients on their scar therapy journey. >>

On our new “Well informed” page you will find everything you need to know about our Juzo donning and doffing aids. >>

Our ankle joints are in constant motion throughout our life, and are permanently under load while doing so. >>

Going on a trip and need to put up with long travel times? Then compression stockings will optimally support your legs while also looking fabulous! >>

The 2nd International Phlebology Symposium has the topic: Phlebology Update - Developments and Outlook. Online registrations are now possible. >>

Back pain is the number one health complaint these days. So get active today, on Back Health Day, and take up the fight against your back pain. >>

The new Juzo Trend Colours 2017 stand for “heart pounding in colour”, because each of the six new colours will make your heart beat faster! >>

Finger spreader exert an increased pressure on the “webs“ between the fingers to avoid and minimise scar contracture. >>

Unique 3D knitting technology, different Xtra zones, and exceptional technical innovation - that's the Juzo Xtra fabric. >>

Fostering more research into the less well known and more seldom occurring diseases – that's the aim of this event in 2017! >>

Increasing awareness and knowledge about cancer and fighting it together – these are the goals of the World Cancer Day. >>

Postoperative breast care garments play an important role in scar therapy and lymphological treatment. Juzo's mission is to offer comprehensive support to patients. >>

The purpose of this global campaign on October 13 is to raise awareness of this pernicious illness – thrombosis can affect anyone! >>

1 September 2016 marked the start of a new chapter in the life of many young adults: vocational training. At Juzo, too, nine young adults have commenced their training this year. >>

Juzo SoftCompress provides additional compression, and an ideal pressure distribution for patients suffering from lipoedema, lymphoedema, phlebolymphoedema or fibrosis. >>

Let the stockings in the Juzo Batik Collection make a style statement that is as unique as you are. These fancy looks are now available in all standard colours! >>

Juzo receives a further prize for its “Julius by Juzo" microsite featuring “Julius – the little supporter in scar therapy”. >>

Uncomplicated support with slipping on and taking off compression garments - without the assistance of another person or great physical effort. >>

They will finally be available – the Juzo Expert and Juzo Expert Strong range in this year’s trend colours! >>

Julius – the little supporter in scar therapy” wins the most prestigious prize of the German pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. >>


The JuzoPro Lumbal product range has been awarded the internationally recognised Red Dot Award! Participants from 57 nations submitted around 5,200 product innovations – and Juzo was among the lucky winners. >>

New in the Juzo colour galaxy of fine-weave, circular knitted stockings in the Juzo Attractive and Juzo Soft ranges: Lavender Moon, Purple Space, Yellow Planet, Cosmic Coral, Pink Galaxy and Blue Escape. >>

Smartphones and tablet PCs have become an indispensable part of our lives. We use them to write messages, surf the web or play games – privately as well as at work, and most every day. >>